Pre-Vocational Services

Cultural Homes, Inc. Pre-Vocational Services are designed to assess the individual’s interests, strengths, priorities, abilities and capabilities. Whether an individual is looking for a first job, or returning to the workforce after illness or injury, the unique blend of programs in Pre-Vocational Services can help ease the adjustment.

This program addresses the needs of individuals with physical, cognitive, sensory and emotional disabilities. It’s member-centered planning process in which Cultural Homes, Inc.  teach general skills that lead to employment.

Goals of Pre-Vocational Services:

  • To determine, through community experience, whether an individual wishes to pursue integrated employment.
  • To make reasonable and continued progress toward achievement of an integrated employment outcome in the individual’s plan, and doing so engage in activities that will contribute to the individual’s success in securing and keeping a job
  • To contribute to an individual’s ability to maintain integrated employment by functioning by providing support

Our Pre-Vocational Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Employability skills training, making good impressions, listening, personal care, interacting with coworkers, identifying skills, and increasing self esteem
  • Job exploration
  • DVR assistance
  • Application assistance
  • Resume and cover letter assistance
  • Computer skills training
  • Guest speakers
  • Peer speakers
  • Touring employers
  • Job shadowing
  • Interview skills training
  • Job try outs
  • Job retention skills
  • Volunteering
  • Learning transportation