Supported Employment Services

shutterstock_158002325Cultural Homes, Inc. offers Supported Employment Services designed to integrate interested participants back into meaningful and gainful employment in the community.

Cultural Homes, Inc. finds competitive opportunities in the community for persons with disabilities who need ongoing support services to learn and perform the work.

Supportive Employment placements can be individual and group placements (called enclaves). Support is provided by a job coach who meets regularly with the individual on the job to help him or her learn the necessary skills and behaviors to work independently. As the individual gains mastery of the job, the support services are gradually phased out.

Our Supportive Employment Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Clarification of career goals
  • Assistance with completing job applications,interviews, understanding benefit packages
  • Preparing a resume and helping to develop, obtain and maintain a job
  • Bus or Travel training
  • Job site training and advocacy
  • Intensive training on specific work tasks
  • Developing effective communication and proper workplace behavior/dress code
  • Acting as a liaison between work supervisors and co-workers
  • On and off-site support available